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Start a Kits of Hope Facebook Fundraiser For Your Special Event or Day

Promoting a Facebook Fundraiser Event for any non-profit organization is a selfless act, marking a special occasion in your life or just because. We hope that at some point through-out the year that you would consider starting a Facebook Fundraising Event for the foster children that Kits of Hope supports.

Many of us (thank God) will never know what its like to be a foster child or live without the stability of our family. Kits of Hope supports Foster Children by providing kits for foster kids while in foster care. These kits represent Hope, Love and shows each foster child that someone cares for them.

Consider starting a Facebook Fundraising Event TODAY for Kits of Hope, Inc.  We are officially listed on Facebook as a Certified Non-Profit Organization vetted by Facebook, Inc.

It pretty simple to Start A Facebook Fundraiser Event TODAY! Just follow the instructions below and then promote it to all of your family and friends. The key to a successful Fundraising Event is to continuously promote your event for the entire duration of the promotional periods. We provide all the information your need to have a successful Facebook Fundraiser Event, just follow the instructions below to get started.

Open up your computer browser on your computer, tablet or phone and go to once you get to this page you can begin by clicking on the Blue "Select Nonprofit" Button.



Enter "Kits of Hope" Under Choose a Nonprofit

Once on the "Choose a Nonprofit" page type in "Kits of Hope" in the search box. Once "Kits of Hope, Inc" appears click on "Kits of Hope, Inc" to choose this nonprofit organization.




Complete The Details of Your Facebook Fundraiser Event

Make sure that your name appears as the "Creator" of this Public Fundraiser. Now start editing the "Details" of the Fundraiser.

  • The Amount You Want To Raise (Make it Reasonable)
  • Select the Currency
  • Ending Date of Your Fundraiser
  • What's The Title of Your Fundraiser
  • And Why Are You Raising Money?

>Then Scroll Down to Next Section<




Complete The Details Section of Your Facebook Fundraiser Event

Finish Up the "Details" section of your Kits of Hope Facebook Fundraiser Event by completing the "Why are you raising money?" section. Finally you can use one your own or one of the Cover Photos below that we have provided below.

Then click on the blue "Create" button and complete your Kits of Hope Facebook Fundraiser Event. And That's it You're all done!



Kits of Hope Custom Cover Photos

Click To Enlarge & Download Our Kits of Hope
Cover Images For Facebook Fundraiser Event

Thank you for running a Kits of Hope Facebook Fundraiser Event. The Foster Children that we support appreciate you, our staff appreciates you as well as Foster Parents appreciates you. Again many of us will never know what its like to be a Foster Child as your support of our organisation allows us to make each child in Foster Care feel loved. Thank you so much for your support and we are rooting for you to have very successful Facebook Fundraiser Event.