Kits of Hope…OUR WHY


Kits of hope was founded to step in and be a buffer in an area of need and of trauma for children. The word “mine” is one of the earliest words spoken by children, children have a strong need to identify and hold on to things/people that belong to them.

So Imagine for a minute, that you are a child, that you are woken up early in the morning, confused at the loud noises in your home and see strangers who come up to you and ask you to come with them. You only have time to say bye to your parents, and you are taken away from the only home you have with nothing that belongs to you. The feeling of being taken away from your familiar is something that is exceedingly difficult to handle for children unless the child is enveloped with love and shown care.

Kits of Hope is in the business of planting seeds of hope, love, and possibilities. To let our children in foster care, know that they matter, that they are valuable, and they can dream big dreams. We invite you to come alongside us and pour love into our very vulnerable children.



Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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